Chief Development Officer Talks about Pinch A Penny’s Ideal Franchisees – and Why Franchise Owners are Satisfied with Their New Careers

Pinch A Penny’s typical franchisee is a mid-career professional who wants to take control of their life and change their family’s future, says Chief Development Officer Michael Arrowsmith in a recent podcast interview. “We aren’t looking for people who have a mechanical background, or a service background, or a sales background. What we’re looking for is people who have a heart to serve. What we’re looking for is people who are coming in to help people, trying to help the consumer. Our business is one about help, not about sales.”

Arrowsmith discussed Pinch A Penny’s ideal franchisee and the brand’s exceptionally high franchisee satisfaction ratings with Mary Ann O’Connell, CFE, the founder and president of Franwise® Franchise Consultants, on her franchising podcast, “What’s Your F’ing Business.”™

Pinch A Penny, which has scored among the Top 10 on Franchise Business Review’s annual franchisee satisfaction ranking for many years, earned a 92% satisfaction rating in the 2021 survey. “We really believe in treating our franchisees like our customers,” Arrowsmith says. “Ultimately, the way that we treat our franchisees is directly related to the way they are going to treat their customers, so we try to model that in all our interactions. We really want them to be successful.

“It’s in our DNA. We’re a family-owned business. Our franchisees come from different walks of life than your typical franchisees and certainly different from the large brands with multi-unit franchisees. At the end of the day, we want our franchisees to be successful. Obviously, they have to do the work to make themselves successful, but we want to put everything in place to help them be successful.

“I think it’s incumbent on a franchisee, when they’re looking at a brand, to say, what is the objective of the franchisor? What are they trying to do, and how are they trying to grow? And for us, we are trying to make a difference in people’s lives and families’ lives.

“People coming to us are coming from other careers and have never been in franchising before, so we have a completely turnkey model. Everything is focused on them being successful and transitioning to franchisee life.

“I believe that’s why our ratings are so high on the Franchise Business Review survey.”

Listen to the full podcast.

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