Karey Burek Transcript

“I have been a Pinch A Penny franchise owner for a little over 16 years now. The best part about being a Pinch a Penny franchise owner is I get to work alongside my family. My brother’s at my store with me, so I get to see him every day and I work closely with my father even though the store is a little bit further away in South Tampa. I enjoy the guys that I work with. I love the customers. It’s just a fun environment to work in.

Owning a Pinch A Penny franchise has allowed me to provide for myself, for my family, you know, kind of live a good life. Being in the positions that I was in before where I was working for someone else, this is so much better to have the ownership of the store.

You can find me there every day, but it doesn’t feel the same as working for someone else and having to put in those hours because you’re working for yourself and you’re building something. And for me, I’m building something with my family and I’m building something with the Pinch A Penny family as well.”