Lee Goodman Transcript

“Before I was a Pinch A Penny franchise owner, I was in hospital administration. I wanted something that had a little less stress, a little less life and death and something that could benefit my family and we could go ahead and have a good life. I looked at many different businesses and franchises and got to the point where I thought a pool business would be a good investment. I decided there’s no way we could actually run a pool business at the level that I wanted to run it at without Pinch A Penny doing it.

They take care of every piece of the business so that when you, the first day you open up, you have everything you need to be successful. Pinch A Penny helps me with everything I need for my business.

But when you get to go to work and you truly enjoy what you do everyday and you’re having a good time … I may be there a lot of times, six days a week, seven days a week but I’m having fun every minute that I’m doing it, and that’s what keeps me going everyday.”