“My job ultimately is to create movement and create momentum, to get things going,” Pinch A Penny Chief Development Officer, Michael Arrowsmith, explained when he sat down with Zach Fishman of Modrn Business as part of its Summer Podcast Tour.

Below are a couple highlights taken from the interview with the pool franchise’s new CDO:

Q: How do you feel that you guys differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

A: “We can provide a certain lifestyle that a lot of retail franchisors can’t. I mean, you’ve got a store, multiple revenue streams, you also get to be outside and you can have a family be involved in your business, so it really is a lifestyle, family-type business. We don’t really have a lot of competition – there really isn’t anybody that does what we do at a level that we do it.”

Q: Is there a particular part that you find interesting from a technology standpoint that has changed the way the business has been doing things since you came on board?

A: “Technology is changing daily,” Arrowsmith explains, “but the key for me is what is the communication part of technology that is changing? How do people communicate today? Because that’s really what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to get your message out there, and so you’d better be on top of how that’s changing.”

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