With stiff competition from the e-commerce world, why would anyone bother with a brick-and-mortar store? Pinch A Penny knows the answer, which was highlighted in AQUA magazine recently.

It is because our successful pool franchise provides the kind of customer service and problem-solving online retailers like Amazon simply cannot offer.

Rather than scrolling through pages of online information, our customers would much rather get back to enjoying their pool. So, Pinch A Penny’s employees deliver. When customers walk into any of our franchise stores, they can instantly rely on confident assistance from the Pinch A Penny staff.

“Our focus is to provide as many of the products and services a pool or spa owner might need, at a fair price, in a clean and convenient manner, and to make sure the people charged with the responsibility of serving the customers do so with knowledge, friendliness, and integrity,” said John Thomas, President of Pinch A Penny.

When it comes to water chemistry, pool installation, and overall pool maintenance, the swimming pool service side of Pinch A Penny shines as well. When we deliver excellent customer service, share our expertise, and foster the personal relationships developed with our customers, it helps keep our customers loyal to our brand.

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