Pinch A Penny Owners: Keeping Backyard Pools Safe for 2020 Staycations

May 28, 2020

Americans are likely to spend a lot more time at home this summer.

As the country reopens state-by-state, some consumers remain reluctant to go far outside their homes, given all the uncertainty that still lingers with COVID-19. With domestic and international air travel largely grounded and cruises suspended until late summer or autumn, it just makes sense for folks to consider limiting summer travel and plan a staycation. And what better place to spend one than by the backyard pool? The U.S. Travel Association notes that in recent years, 55% of workers did not use all of their vacation time because of cost and guilt they feel for taking off work. That number is likely to go up this year with so many people working from home for weeks or months due to coronavirus closures. And yet, the stress of living through a national crisis leaves people more in need of a vacation than ever. This summer, Pinch A Penny owners are going to be busy helping swimming pool owners keep their chemicals in balance and pools operating smoothly so they can enjoy some much-needed downtime close to home.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

One huge advantage to owning and operating a Pinch A Penny franchise is that locations have multiple streams of revenue: retail, pool cleaning and an array of backyard services. Pinch A Penny stores serve as community centers where pool owners can go for supplies and expert advice from their local Pinch A Penny franchisee who often is their neighbor. Customers rely on Pinch A Penny to help them create the safest, most sanitary water environment for family fun. A big piece of this happens inside our stores, where Pinch A Penny franchisees and their employees educate and assist pool owners one-on-one on everything from the need to shock the pool weekly to regular water testing to keep chemicals in balance. Regular water testing is the cornerstone of Pinch A Penny’s in-store services. Free water test bottles are provided for in-store testing. Pinch A Penny’s seven-point computerized water test helps customers ensure they have the proper water chemistry in their pools. Ultimately, that saves customers money by helping to avoid unnecessary purchases of chemicals, damage to the pool’s finish and broken equipment. Pool owners who prefer to be more hands-off and want nothing more than free time to enjoy their pools, happily hire their local Pinch A Penny to handle their routine cleaning and maintenance needs. Pinch A Penny owners and certified technicians are well-trained so that the pools they maintain stay safe and clean for year-round enjoyment. Finally, Pinch A Penny provides a variety of backyard services such as pressure washing, pool renovations, leak detection and more to keep the area surrounding the pool or spa in great shape. Regular power washing by a Pinch A Penny pro helps to maintain the beauty of your house, windows and deck, and to extend the life of other hard exterior surfaces. And when pools start to show their age, Pinch A Penny can resurface it so that it will last for many years to come. Pinch A Penny’s backyard services ensure that a customer’s backyard is the oasis that they want and need now more than ever.

An Essential Business

Pinch A Penny plays a critical role in helping keep pools safe and sanitary, and franchise owners’ expertise in water safety is just one reason that Pinch A Penny locations are deemed essential businesses. As a matter of fact, when stay-at-home orders were placed because of the pandemic, our business and function proved more important than ever before, because families began using their home pools more often and depended on companies like ours to help keep them and their loved ones safe. As a result, our locations have been open – and busy – all year. Pinch A Penny is a franchise for all seasons and all economic situations because pools and spas require year-round maintenance – whether it’s being done by Pinch A Penny or the homeowner, who also will benefit from Pinch A Penny’s expertise. This is a need-based business, not just a summertime business. What’s more, we have been in business for 45 years and have seen a fair share of ups and downs in the economy. Despite all these, we have recorded more than 40 years of positive growth and remain the leading swimming pool franchise, showcasing that Pinch A Penny franchises thrive in all economies. There always will be a need for clean water and safe backyard fun. Now is the ideal time to invest in a Pinch A Penny business of your own, because people are using their pools more than ever before and there is a proven need for our services, even in the middle of a pandemic. In a time of general uncertainty, Pinch A Penny is a business you can count on. In the coming year, people are going to be staying home a lot more and enjoying quality family time by the pool. Some people may even decide this is the perfect year to build a pool or spa, and they are going to need help caring for it. They are going to need a local Pinch A Penny.    

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