How to Be a Successful Franchise Owner

September 23, 2022

Being a franchise owner with a successful business doesn’t happen by accident. It takes strategy and execution, and it takes time. If you’re considering going into business for yourself, be sure you are prepared for what to expect and what factors are within your control to run a successful business.

Be a customer-centric business

Providing your customer with a great experience goes a long way in driving future sales. Happy customers turn into returning customers. If a customer has a less than stellar experience, don’t get caught up in a game of who is right or wrong; just take care of your customer. As the saying goes, you’ll catch more flies with honey. Our Pinch A Penny franchisees that are compassionate and genuinely helpful are the ones who tend to be the most successful. Having a reputation for good customer service is a great way to help grow your business, and as an added bonus, word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers is free!

Believe in your brand

When you believe in your brand and your products, it shows! Customers want to shop in stores where they feel confident in their purchases and know they have support, should they need it. Many Pinch A Penny franchisees decided to become store owners after using our products and falling in love with the results they saw in their own backyards.

Ask your support team and other franchisees for help

Nobody expects you to know everything, not even your customers. Our franchisees are supported every step of the way through Pinch A Penny’s extensive training and ongoing support. It’s also not uncommon to see our store owners lean on each other for advice and help, creating a network of franchisee partners who believe in and trust one another. Seeing your fellow store owners as allies instead of competitors helps everyone get ahead!

Be a hardworking leader and franchisee

Becoming a successful franchisee is more than just showing up and being your own boss. It takes hard work and dedication. Some of the best ways to become successful are to be dedicated to running your business, becoming an expert in your field, and leading by example. Being a strong leader leads to having hardworking employees for your franchise with high job satisfaction. Good attitudes are contagious!

Be active in your community

Getting out there and supporting your local neighborhood is a great way to network with your potential customers and gain some support for your business. Being active in your community helps you meet your customers where they already are and start developing relationships before they even walk through the door. Great examples of this are supporting local sports teams or bringing your expertise to the community through classes and training.

At Pinch A Penny, we believe in providing extensive help and support to ensure that our store owners have the knowledge and resources they need to run successful businesses. If you’re ready to dive in and open a store of your own, contact our Franchise Development Team to get started!

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