A Franchise for All Seasons: Multiple Revenue Streams Make Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa a Year-Round Business

October 26, 2020
After a long, hot summer, autumn brings a welcome change in the weather. But nothing changes at Pinch A Penny’s 255+ locations; they are as busy as ever, proving the brand is not just a summer job. One huge advantage to owning and operating a Pinch A Penny location is that the business model is based on multiple streams of revenue: retail sales, pool cleaning and an array of backyard services.

Retail Sales

Pools and spas require year-round maintenance, whether the task at hand is performed by a Pinch A Penny pool specialist or a Pinch A Penny customer and pool owner. DIYers visit the stores frequently over the cooler months, buying supplies, testing pool water and seeking expertise on how to keep chemicals in balance and equipment running smoothly. Regular water testing is the cornerstone of Pinch A Penny’s in-store services. Free water test bottles are provided for in-store testing at the customer’s convenience. Pinch A Penny’s seven-point computerized water test helps customers ensure they have the proper water chemistry in their pools or spas. Keeping pool chemicals in balance is vital year-round, even during months when homeowners aren’t swimming. The last thing a customer wants in the spring is to find damage to the pool’s finish or broken equipment that must be repaired before the family can enjoy their backyard pool once again. On the other hand, cooler temperatures mean spas will be used more frequently, so that water must be tested more than ever. Likewise, the change in weather also may prompt homeowners to consider installing a spa or heater to extend their outdoor season, in which case, Pinch A Penny can help by selling or installing top-of-the-line spas and heaters.

Pool Cleaning

Some homeowners prefer to leave maintenance to the professionals. Pinch A Penny franchise owners and certified technicians are well-trained so that the pools and spas they maintain stay ready for year-round enjoyment. By offering the highest quality services, Pinch A Penny aims to help pool owners create the safest, most sanitary water environment for family fun whenever their customers are ready to swim. Pinch A Penny pool cleaning services ensure that the pool and spa are ready for family fun whenever the homeowners are.

Backyard Services

Fall is a busy time of year for home improvement projects. As a backyard-focused industry, Pinch A Penny locations see a surge in demand for hardscape maintenance and pool updates as summer fades away. Pinch A Penny provides a variety of backyard services, including pressure washing and deck maintenance, to keep the area surrounding the pool or spa in great shape. Regular power washing by a Pinch A Penny pro helps to maintain the beauty of a house, its windows and deck, and to extend the life of other hard exterior surfaces. Backyard services include:
  • Pressure Washing
  • Deck Paint/Stain and Reseal
  • Deck Resurfacing
  • Hardscape Installations
  • Screen Repair
When pools start to show their age, Pinch A Penny can resurface them to help them last for years to come. Many homeowners put off pool resurfacing until the fall so that their families can get the maximum use out of pools during the hottest months. But this time of year, Pinch A Penny locations stay booked with pool projects such as:
  • Pool Renovations and Resurfacing
  • Acid Washing
  • Leak Detection
  • Handrail Installations
  • Equipment Installation and Repair
Pinch A Penny is a need-based business, not a seasonal business. And Pinch A Penny locations are more than swimming pool retail stores. They are franchises that serve as invaluable resources for pool owners, providing families with everything they need to safely enjoy their pools, spas and backyards year-round.



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